Older lady working with laptop and various tools

SASSI Working On HUB

The SASSI Hub is an online platform built within the SASSI Working On project. It is a toolbox providing a range of supporting tools, resources and materials to assist age-sensitive career counselling.

The SASSI Hub is open to all persons interested in finding out more about age-sensitive career counselling for ageing employees and job seekers, and about concrete strategies to design and implement age sensitive management and culture in organisations.
The professionals that can make the most of the resources and tools available in the Hub are:

- Employers/HR managers, line managers with people management responsibilities, who can find useful information on how to introduce an age sensitive management strategy
- Educational professionals (trainers, educator or counsellors) that want to increase their professional competences and can benefit from the SASSI-Working On age sensitive approach and embed it into their training practices.
- C-VET providers (continuing vocational education and training) that want to offer tailored training and work experience/ volunteering opportunities to senior learners and employees in the workforce.
The SASSI Hub is not intended for direct use by the end beneficiaries (50+). Of course trainers are encouraged to download the materials etc. for use with their clients/learners – but not for them to register on the hub and use the materials themselves.

How to access the SASSI Working On HUB

To register for the SASSI Hub is easy and absolutely free. Click here to register for the Hub. Please make sure to choose “SASSI – Working on” in the list of institutions during the registration process.

For a detailed overview of the Hub and a step-by-step explanation for the registration process, please consult our SASSI Hub Guide