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Our Goals | Sassi Working On

In terms of concrete products “SASSI-Working On” will develop:

  • A Guide to creating Career Pathways for Longer Working Lives
  • An Ambassadors Manual for Mobility in Workplace Learning
  • An Employers Guide to Career Management for an Ageing Workforce
  • The SASSI-Working On Toolbox of Resources
  • An Experience and Recommendations Report

These guides and resources will be available online via free registration on the SASSI HUB during and after the end of the project. They will be designed in a way that makes it easy for careers advice professionals and HR Managers to apply “SASSI-Working On” methods and approaches in a variety of contexts.


Impact Goals

Impact is envisaged from the following perspectives.

    • For the main target group of C-VET providers, HR Managers, and career managers:
      • Increased understanding of the business imperative to retain motivated and productive older people in the workforce – and why people want to or have to keep working on
      • New and/or additional knowledge, skills and competences for careers advice, later-life career review and providing work experiences
      • New approaches careers guidance and tools by C-VET practitioners, HR Managers and career management professionals
      • A demonstrable shift from trajectory-based careers management to encompass career growth strategies in enterprises
      • Changes in career guidance practice in organisations to later-life Career Review and new forms of work experience for older workers and learners – both in C-VET and amongst employers
      • The involvement in career revitalisation and review activities, along with improvements in career decisions amongst older learners and workers
      • Greater appreciation of the benefits of:
        • a multigenerational workforce, the experience of older workers and methods for tackling age discrimination and stereotyping
        • using the talents and experience of an older worker
        • flexible working practices to support older workers in work and in transition
        • intercultural work experiences for career revitalisation
        • meaningful work
      • Access to and uptake of innovative training contents and materials
      • Increased network with an international group of guidance professional
      • Knowledge of and experience with the validation approach LEVEL5 to assess and evidence competence developments that can be transferred to other contexts.
    • For the end-user target group of older workers and learners and ‘unretirees’ involved in testing/experiencing the new approaches to guidance:
      • Increased awareness of the benefits and advantages of ‘working on’ into later life and having productive longer working lives
      • Increased motivation to learn new skills, upskill, retrain or update through CPD
      • Improved learning achievements and career growth Greater self awareness of and ability to articulate work role preferences, learning styles, soft skills, personal characteristics, motivations and talents
      • Renewed or new interest in intercultural work experiences and opportunities for work mobility in Europe
      • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem