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Leah Georges TED Talk on how generational stereotypes hold us back at work

By Apricot | Jun 22, 2019

Leah Georges TED Talk on how generational stereotypes hold us back at work The Silent Generation, baby boomers, Generation X, millennials, Gen Z — we’re all in the workforce together. How are our assumptions about each other holding us back from working and communicating better? Social psychologist Leah Georges shows how we’re more similar than…

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Training Course in Portugal

By sarahwild | Jun 3, 2019

The SASSI Working On consortium is organising a 3-day training course on 17.09. to 20.09.2019 in Matosinhos/Porto. The course addresses people with HR responsibility, in-house trainers, line or team managers. Central topics of the training are: Longer working live – Background information, why people work longer and in particular the challenges this brings for companies.…

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Do Stereotypes About Ageing Workers Stack Up

By Apricot | May 25, 2019

Do Stereotypes about ageing workers stack up? Germany’s DW News examines how much truth there is in the clichés that older workers are less efficient and inflexible.

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Becoming An Age Friendly Employer

By Apricot | May 21, 2019

Becoming An Age Friendly Employer The Centre for Ageing Better’s report calls for employers to be more age-friendly and inclusive of those over 50, including doing more to tackle age discrimination in the workplace. You can view the video here as well as finding many other excellent resources about this topic.

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Partner meeting Banska

By sarahwild | May 17, 2019

In early May, the SASSI consortium met for a 2-day meeting in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. The meeting was hosted by our Slvakian partner CVNO – an education centre for non-profit organisation. The main aim of the meeting was …to work on the training modules that would be part of the training course carried out in…

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Age Discrimination The Age Myths

By Apricot | May 12, 2019

Age Discrimination: The Age Myths An interesting video exploring some of the myths surrounding both younger and older employees from Skill Boosters who develop video based training for inclusion, leadership and teamwork.

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What older workers can do to stay employed

By Apricot | May 12, 2019

Ageism in the workplace: What older workers can do to stay employed CBS This morning talk about ageism in the workplace and features Linkedin Editor in Chief, Dan Roth. A new study claims about 56 percent of Americans over the age of 50 have faced or could face “employer-driven” job loss, according to ProPublica and…

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1st Transnational Partnership Meeting

By Apricot | Apr 23, 2019

The first meeting of the SASSI-Working On Partnership was held in Loughborough in September 2018.  

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Situation on career guidance for 50+

By sarahwild | Jan 28, 2019

Each partner carried out national research in order to identify current practice in terms of providing career guidance and career management for 50+ employees. Research shows that in the partner countries there are no specific advisory or counselling programmes for older people. This means that this group uses the systems that are generally available for…

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