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COVID-19 and Ageism

Centre for Better Ageing: “Ageism is not just a UK issue, in fact the United Nations has recognised this as an international one with them highlighting the importance of older people in society.” Click Here to read the full article

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The Impact of Demographic Change in Europe

Report on the Impact of Demographic Change A profound demographic change is already affecting our societies and communities across the EU. Curious to see what Europe will look like in the decades to come? According to our first-ever report on the demographic changes in the EU: 🔹 life expectancy in Europe is set to increase;…

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SASSI Working On – Learning projects

Currently, all partners are implementing a learning project related to any of the course topics to apply in practice the newly aquired knowledge … and maybe to bring about change in the corporate culture. Currently, in BUPNET we look at how we can make our own further education more innovative by including mobility – also…

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We are glad to announce that all modules that were provided during our training course in Matosinhos are now available on our SASSI-Hub. The modules are: Module 1: Longer working lives Module 2: Career pathways for older employees Module 3: Career review Module 4: Workplace mobility for career revitalisation Module 5: Career management for older…

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Post-course activities

After the 3-day training course in Porto/Matosinhos the practical phase has now started. The practical phase consists of two stages: First stage: The 15 course participants apply and transfer their learning by training other ‘facilitators’, i.e. HR managers, career coaches, line managers etc,. in the SASSI Working On approach and techniques. Second stage: The course…

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Successful training course in Portugal

We had great days in Porto/Matosinhos. The course offered a comprehensive overview of approaches, tools, and instruments that can be used in career review, management and guidance for older workers. The following quotation summarises very nicely the general mood after the course: “Before joining the workshop in Matosinhos I knew why planning of career guidance…

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Fuller Working Lives: What, How, Why?

Engineer Training Young Male Apprentice On CNC Machine

Fuller Working Lives: What, How, Why? Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) In this video you can listen to experts across industry share their advice on making the most of the talented pool of older workers across the UK. Visit: to get your tool kit on employing older workers.

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The State of Ageing 2019 and 2020

Portrait of happy mature man with white, grey stylish short beard looking at camera outdoor. Casual lifestyle of retired hispanic people or adult asian man smile with confident at coffee shop cafe.

The State of Ageing | Centre for Ageing Better The ‘State of Ageing in 2019’ report gives a snapshot of what life is like for older people today and looks at the prospects for future generations. You can see their full report here:

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Leah Georges TED Talk on how generational stereotypes hold us back at work

Leah Georges TED Talk on how generational stereotypes hold us back at work The Silent Generation, baby boomers, Generation X, millennials, Gen Z — we’re all in the workforce together. How are our assumptions about each other holding us back from working and communicating better? Social psychologist Leah Georges shows how we’re more similar than…

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