Post-course activities

After the 3-day training course in Porto/Matosinhos the practical phase has now started.
The practical phase consists of two stages:
First stage: The 15 course participants apply and transfer their learning by training other ‘facilitators’, i.e. HR managers, career coaches, line managers etc,. in the SASSI Working On approach and techniques.
Second stage: The course participants and the newly trained ‘facilitators’ will each provide later-life career guidance to older workers (aged 50+) – including unretirees, employees, job seekers etc. – thereby applying their learning and testing the process/techniques.
The practical phase will be documented in detail and feedback will collected from all trainers and learners involved, in order to draw conclusions about the quality of the SASSI Working On approach, its relevance and applicability.
All materials that the course participants and facilitators might want to use in their learning projects are available on our SASSI Working On Hub.

All involved people in the practical phase can have their own competence devepment in terms of career guidance and management for older workers. validated by means of the validation system LEVEL5 that is specifically designed to validate informal and non-formal learning.